Message from the Academic Manager


At Queensland International Institute (Qii) we are passionate about students’ learning and personal growth. I believe that the best way for students to learn and grow is to provide a safe and inspirational environment, backed with quality training and staff who assist students to achieve their goals. 

My role consists of two key areas: 

  1. To ensure that our students are provided with qualified trainers who are passionate about quality training, able to help students by identifying each student’s unique study needs, and who implement training methods that suit our young people!
  1. To ensure that our students are provided with quality training materials, activities and information that is up-to-date, easy to comprehend and really assists the learning process.

Having been an international student in Australia myself, I understand just how important the special contact with a great trainer is, and how much of a difference it can make to your learning experience.

Fun is an important part of education, and students will find the perfect balance between fun and hard work here at Qii. I have seen what students can achieve with the right support and the passion for what they do, and it is always amazing to share that journey with them.

Qii endeavors to pay great attention to students’ individual needs, attention we combine with genuine care for our students. I am proud to play an important role at Qii - a College that is committed to helping students achieve their goals, because we know how much they matter to you! 


Fresia Tove
BBus(HRM), MBus(HRM)

Message from the HR and Training Manager

Diane Halden Edwards   Qii is an amazing place to work. Our staff are positive, mature and helpful and our students so diverse and willing to learn.

Our students
Coming to us from many places across the globe, it’s a challenging and fabulous experience being involved with them. Each and every one has a story to tell and history to share. Every day is a unique experience and as our current students will tell you, we all discover we have a UPOD. That’s right ! We all have a Unique Point of Difference. Our students also have a voice and we listen when they help us to improve what we do, how we do it and what we deliver to them.

Our trainers
With academic expertise and ‘real life’ experience our trainers offer more than textbook training. All of our trainers have taught or lived in other countries as well as Australia and are familiar with, and respectful of, cultural diversity. 
Making sure the students have fun while gaining valuable vocational training ensures they not only gain knowledge but also the know- how to apply their learning in the real world. Qii trainers offer simulated workplace role plays and activities during the courses too! We are qualified professionals and we teach professional qualifications. We also ensure our trainers stay current in their own qualifications and continue to support their professional development. 

Our courses
Ranging from Certificate courses to Advanced Diplomas, we offer a unique learning experience backed by accredited course materials and support from our governing bodies.
There is no greater joy for me than to see the students and trainers forming mutually beneficial relationships, and I am so proud of all of their achievements. My own experience here is enhanced every day in many ways and I love coming to the classroom to ‘learn as I teach’ 
Welcome to Qii ......Education for everyone! I look forward to seeing you here!

Diane Halden Edwards