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The friendly, relaxed culture and the beautiful weather are just two of the reasons why an increasing number of international students each year choose to study in Australia. Australia is a young and friendly country renowned for its hospitality, a place where students can look forward to receiving a very warm welcome. Australia is very safe in comparison with other countries, with little or no political unrest and low crime rates. Students coming to Australia to study can expect a safe environment in which to live and study.

Australia is known around the world for its multicultural society and diverse range of cultures. Here at Qii/T we take great pride in having a cultural mix of students within our college. Throughout the years, Australia has built a solid international reputation in all areas of education and training.



From golden sandy beaches to tropical rainforests, Queensland is one of the most beautiful and relaxed states in Australia. It has one of the world's most agreeable climates, with an average 300 days of the year consisting of clear blue skies and warm temperatures.

Located on the east coast of Australia and the state capital of Queensland, Brisbane is the 3rd largest and the fastest-growing city in Australia.

Positive, generous and optimistic, Brisbane is Australia's New World City. With affordable housing, an affordable cost of living, access to world-class educational institutions and reliable public transport and infrastructure, living in Brisbane is an easy choice to make.



There's a very good reason why Queensland is commonly referred to as "The Sunshine State"! The Queensland weather is among the best in the world. Residents of Brisbane can expect hot, humid summers (December to February) and cool, mild winters (June to August). With almost 8 hours of sunshine every day, students are sure to never lack the chance to take part in the numerous outdoor activities on offer around Brisbane and beyond.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Australians enjoy a high standard of living and, in comparison to other English-speaking countries, such as the UK, the cost of living in Australia is relatively moderate. With Queensland having one of the lowest costs of living compared to other Australian states, Brisbane is both fun and affordable place to live, study, work and play.

Of course, the amount you may expect to spend on living costs in Brisbane will vary according to your lifestyle. An approximation of how much a student would spend per year while living in shared accommodation is $18,000 - $22,000AUD. This figure is inclusive of accommodation costs, food, utilities, transport and education (excluding Course Fee/s).



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