Qii Protect Student V1.2 

Queensland International Institute and Queensland International Institute of Technology management have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 Pandemic and reviewing all information as it has been released by Government Bodies, Education Regulators and the World Health Organisation.

Since April 2020, the following practices have been implemented to help ensure a safe environment at our Margaret Street Campus in Brisbane City.

  • Increasedsanitization measures have been implemented to ensure that all surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized
  • Students and Staff required to stay home and get Covid-19 Tested if symptoms exist.
  • Hand washing, hygiene and other safety signs have been hung around the campus as reminders, providing important tips and advice
  • Hand sanitizers available for students located next to the lifts, at the kitchen entry and near the classrooms.
  • Student lounge temporarily closed to help ensure social distancing
  • Class sizes are monitored and managed to ensure social distancing.

Students who may need additional support are able to contact one of Qii/T’s Student Support Officers, as well as are prompted to access specialised support such as the following sites/resources:

Qii/T Staff and Management would like to thank all students for adhering to these guidelines throughout these unprecedented times. We are pleased that we have been able to remain fully operational during these times and have continued to provide quality training and assessment services to our Students.

Some Vocational Placement Requirements were impacted, however as restrictions have eased in Queensland, we have seen these impacts reduced, and generally speaking, are pleased that centers and venues are now accepting students again. Our Amazing Academic Team have been contacting each of our students to discuss options and requirements to assist where possible.

Qii/T management will continue to monitor updates and release information to our staff, students and clients as we learn more. We certainly also recommend that everyone keep informed themselves. https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-action

Finally, Qii/T Management would like to remind all Staff, Students and Clients;

  • To get a Covid test if they are sick, isolate at home and wait for their results;
  • To keep Physical / Social distance;
  • Wear Masks where Social Distancing is not possible; and
  • To maintain good hygiene at all times.

 Knowledge review

We are honored to be featured in the international education magazine The Knowledge Review. 

This article provides a deeper look at Qii, including the company development, objectives, leadership, star students and our vision for the future.



20190731 Lord Mayor Ceremony

It has been a long-standing tradition for all new Qii/T students to attend the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony and receive their very own Friendship Certificate from the Lord Mayor himself. Welcome to Brisbane, lovely students. We hope you gain many new friends and build lifelong friendships during your time here.


They say that your education journey is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead, and all of us here at Qii/T are so honoured that you chose us to share this dress rehearsal with. We are incredibly proud of our students who received their Qualifications during our Graduation Ceremony on July 26th and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

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