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QiiSA (Queensland International Institute Students Association - for Qii & QiiT) is formed to provide students with a range of opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and leisure aspects of student life through participation in group activities and events. 5 of Qii/T’s current students are selected from time to time as QiiSA’s committee members; President, Vice-President, Secretary/Marketing Coordinator, Treasurer, and Events Organiser.

QiiSA is here to support our international students who are new to Brisbane, providing them with a smooth transition into their new lifestyle and ‘home away from home’. We understand that many international students arrive in Brisbane without their family and friends and the experience of settling down without support and company can be nerve-racking and daunting for international students, which is the very reason why QiiSA exists. We promote a strong sense of community and belonging among Qii/T’s students, with our dedicated committee members working with Qii/T’s staff to help students overcome any challenges they might face and achieve their education and career goals.

Through our activities and events, which are usually at little or no cost to Qii/T students, they are provided with a vast array of opportunities to learn about and engage in the Australian culture and way of life, access major events around Brisbane, build strong networking and interaction skills which are transferrable to students’ future career, and make links to other international cultures and lifelong friendships.

Some of the social and leisure activities and events that QiiSA organise include bowling, Jiu Jitsu and Zumba classes, futsal competitions, fundraising evenings, Halloween parties, and Riverfire celebrations. We also participate in a range of cultural events such as the Colombian Independence Day Festival and Brazilian Street Carnival, as well as organising celebrations for Australia Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Myanmar Water Festival and other cultural festivities throughout the year.

Academic and lifestyle activities that QiiSA organise include resume writing and interview preparation seminars, coffee making classes, Photoshop workshops, and academic referencing sessions.

Join us at QiiSA and discover how rewarding your student life and study experience can be! For more information about QiiSA and our monthly activities and events, follow our Facebook page