ob Search Assistance

Job Search Assistance

At Qii/T we provide our students with both support in resumé writing and preparation for job interviews, free of charge. This service is available on request. In the meantime, however, here are a few nuggets of wisdom you may find helpful...

Quick Resumé Tips:

7 key things a resumé should include:

Personal Details: Make sure you include accurate contact details for yourself!

Objective: Having a clearly defined, achievable goal is always an advantage.

Personal Strengths: Promote the things you know you are good at.

Professional History: Your employment record matters, show it off.

Education & Training: Employers value smarts, whether academic or otherwise.

Hobbies & Interests: Employers also like 'rounded' individuals with varied interests.

Referees: Include the details of people who can vouch for your talents.

Quick Interview Tips:

Come prepared: Know your strengths, and make sure to emphasise what you can bring to the company. Researching the company beforehand is also very important - you will impress if you can talk coherently about the business, and suggest ways in which you can add to it.

Look presentable: Take care to dress to your potential employer - as a rule, smart professional attire is a must. Well groomed hair and shiny shoes are important.

Arrive Early: Arriving 15-30 minutes early will show the employer you are keen and committed to getting the job.

Be enthusiastic: Smile, be happy and show a positive attitude. It goes a very long way.

Be self-confident: Even though you may be nervous, try to project an image of calm confidence.

Communicate fully: When answering questions, try to form your answers clearly, and take care not to be too short - as a general rule, 1 to 2 minute responses to important questions are always best.

The above is just a summary. If you would like further assistance, please contact Student Services on [email protected].


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