Brisbane Airport Transport

Brisbane Airport Transport

Qii/T Airport Reception Service (by booking only)

Those booking this service will be met by Qii/T staff as they leave either the customs area (International Terminal) or the luggage carousel (Domestic Airport). Please do not leave the relevant arrival area until you have made contact with our representative. The fee for this service is $200 AUD.

If you are interested in booking this service you must pre-pay Qii/T the $200 AUD fee and provide us with your flight arrival details at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Brisbane. Please note that Qii/T must be given 3 days notice of all changes in flight plans.



Airtrain offers convenient services between Brisbane Airport, Brisbane City and the Gold Coast, as well as transfers between the Domestic and International Terminals. Airtrain operates each day between 5.45am and 10pm, departing every 15 minutes during peak hours.

The price of a one way ticket from the Airport to Brisbane City is approximately $16 AUD. For more information, please visit



Taxi ranks are conveniently located at both the International and Domestic Terminals. At the International Terminal, the taxi rank is located at the northern end of Arrivals on Level 2. At the Domestic Terminal, the taxi rank is located centrally in front of the terminal.

It will cost approximately $50 to travel by taxi from the Airport to the City, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken. Please note that travel from the Airport to the Brisbane suburbs may be significantly more expensive.



A company called Con-x-ion operates at Brisbane Airport seven days a week, meeting every arriving flight and offering both one way and return 'door-to-door' coach services to and from the Airport, Brisbane city, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Passengers can book transfers at the Con-X-ion customer service counter on Level 2 of the International Terminal, and at the Con-X-ion kerbside booth at the Domestic Terminal. For more information, please see

Information supplied by Brisbane Airport regarding transport options to and from the Airport can be found at

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