Qii / QiiT provide a strong support network to all our students, with the aim to assist them in achieving their educational and personal goals. We are aware that whilst in Australia, students may undergo drastic transitions in their life and study; our student support staff are available for free consultations to provide students with support, assistance or simply be there to listen to students’ issues. Some issues that students may wish to speak to Student Services about, include but are not limited to:

Educational problems
- Study skills
- Exam anxiety
- Learning difficulties
- Course choices, and course progress requirements

Personal problems
- Relationships
- Accommodation issues
- Stress, depression, and low self-esteem
- Conflict
- Legal matters
- Personal safety

Other problems
- Complaints
- Harassment and discrimination
- Consumer protection
- Pathways to further education and training

All students are encouraged to access our guidance and support network, which may be done by contacting Student Services either by visiting the Reception or emailing
[email protected]. Where required, such as where the student requires legal services or where students require further support or assistance, a student will be referred to external professional services such as Legal Aid or a professional counselor.

Qii/T also require each of its students to attend our comprehensive Orientation sessions, which provide guidance on the range of support services we offer its students. If you would like to book an appointment with Student Support, please email: [email protected].

Emergency and useful contacts
You may contact the following services if required:

 POLICE: 000
 FIRE: 000
 AMBULANCE (medical emergencies ONLY): 000
 Other health services: 1343 2584
 Electricity emergencies (power lines down, etc.): 131 962
 Queensland Emergencies Services Hotline (floods, storm damage, etc.): 132 500
 Legal Aid Brisbane (for legal advice): 1300 651 188

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