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QiiSA (Queensland International Institute Students Association - for Qii & QiiT) is formed to provide students with a range of opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and leisure aspects of student life through participation in group activities and events. 5 of Qii/T’s current students are selected from time to time as QiiSA’s committee members; President, Vice-President, Secretary/Marketing Coordinator, Treasurer, and Events Organiser.


We are excited to announce Queensland International Institute(Qii) Student Lounge is now open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm for Qii students to enjoy free Wifi, tea & coffee, study space, computer use, printing, etc.


After the recent removal of the Tertiary Transport Concession Card (TTCC), a new system has been implemented to streamline the process of applying for concession transport fares. Eligible students (full-time university, TAFE and post-secondary students) can now apply for tertiary concession fares (known as tertiary pass) on their Go Card. Students must still carry their current student identification and the details must match those linked to the Go Card.

To apply for the tertiary concession fare, register your Go Card online (if you have not already) and fill in the relevant organisation details. The school will then approve your tertiary status, which will in turn enable your concession fares within 5 business days.

Please note: if you have a green concession Go Card you have until the 1st of July to apply for tertiary concession fares, after which the card will otherwise automatically revert to charging full adult fares.

The green Go Cards will no longer be sold after the 1st of April; 
instead you will need to purchase a blue adult Go Card and then apply for concession fares online. For more information regarding the new tertiary concession system, please visit the Translink website: 

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